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Templates and Submission Procedure

Authors should use the templates provided by the electronic submission system. The templates for US Letter format paper should be used.

The manuscript submission website will require that you submit your
abstract and make any final changes to the author list and title of the
paper before uploading the paper.

All authors and co-authors must be registered in the electronic system.

It is the corresponding author’s responsibility to ensure that the
complete author list and the correct title are being entered. This
information will be used for the conference programme and the
proceedings. Authors should adhere to the following steps for submitting the paper (for initial submission)

  1. Create an account: go to
    • PIN and fill out the form Ask all your co-authors to do the same if they do not have an account on the system yet, write down the authors' PINs (this information is needed for manuscript processing purposes)
  2. Download a template: go to Support
    • LaTeX or MS-Word Templates
    • Use these templates/style files to create the paper, and save in pdf format
  3. Upload paper: go to
    • Submit a contribution to RO-MAN 2011
  4. Submit (regular paper, special session proposal,
    special session paper)
  5. Fill in the form presented on the next page (make sure to enter all author PINs created in Step 1)

Paper length and size

Submissions should generally not exceed 6 pages. However, accepted papers for the proceedings can be up to 8 pages long, with extra page charges of $60,00 for each extra page exceeding the 6-page paper length - maximum 8 pages. The maximum file size is 2 MB

Digest Template

The Roman-2011 Digest PowerPoint template can be downloaded here